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Past Events

Page history last edited by Human Sciences Happy Hours in Phnom Penh 12 years, 3 months ago




Past conferences organised by the

Human Sciences Encounters in Phnom Penh


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Wednesday 28th, March. Researchers meeting 


Friday 9th, March

Chenda Keo The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions


 Wednesday 1st, February

Thomas Kolnberger Phnom Penh: planned and un-planned City planning and land use in Phnom Penh: looking back from “now” to “then”.


Friday 6 th January

Thierry Bouhours Crime and Criminal Violence in Cambodia: A Historical Perspective





Thursday 8th December

Nigel Field  

Taing Sopheap & Judith Strasser  

Intergenerational Transmission Effects of Trauma Stemming from the Khmer Rouge Regime


Wednesday 23rd, November

Henri Locard Teaching Democratic Kampuchea: "Genocide" versus "politicide"


Wednesday 26th, October

Megan Lafferty The expat life with a local wife: Western male settlement in Thailand and how state policies shape migration in the region. Some insights for Cambodia


Wednesday 19th October

 Gina DMD Wijers Cambodian French returnees’ employment of social capital  


Wednesday 10 August

Anne Meike Fechter  ‘Living well’ while ‘doing good’? (Missing) debates on altruism and professionalism in aid work


Wednesday 22 June

Sina Emde Memory,  emotion and violence in the context of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (work in progress)


Monday 9 May  

Nicolas Lainez  Transacted Kinship Vietnamese Children Sold for Adoption in Cambodia


Thursday 28 April 

Courtney Work The Spirits of Cambodia: New Research into Current Practice


Wednesday 16, March

Laura Mc Grew Reconciliation in Cambodia:  Victims and Perpetrators Living Together in Cambodia, Apart.


Wednesday 16, February 

Michael Falzer WHOSE HERITAGE? The translation of Angkor Vat for the Universal and Colonial Exhibitions in France   (1889 - 1937)


Wednesday 12, January  

Gregory McCann . Animism in Cambodia: Bioregionalism in Practice





No HSHH in December  


Thursday 11, November

Eve Zucker.   Coming Home: the odyssey of upland Khmer Villagers in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge


Tuesday 19, October

Judy Legerwood Cambodian Village Life across War, Revolution and Globalization: Sabaay Village 1959-2009 


Wednesday 4, August

Anne Guillou Healing in the clamor of history. Doctors, healers and patients in Cambodia


Thursday 15, July

Eisel Mazard The Opposite of Buddhism: European Colonialism and Interpretation


Wednesday 2, June

Franz Wong Gender Policy Practice – the Cooptation of gender and development in development projects


Wednesday 7, April 

Open session


Wednesday 24, March

Nicolas Lainez Representations of Mobility and Prostitution. An Ethnographic Case Study of Vietnamese Sex Workers Migrating to Cambodia


Wednesday 10, February   

Siti Keo. A Tale of Two Cities: Soth Polin and Phnom Penh During Sangkum Reastr Niyum

Wednesday 13, January

Jan Ovesen Ing Britt Trankell Working with Cambodians and their doctors







Tuesday December 11

Hancart Petitet Pascale: Abortion from an Anthropological Perspective. Reproduction Politics in Cambodia


Wednesday November 11

WEEKS John: The Economics of Comics: Cambodian Popular Culture in Three Eras.


Monday October 26

GRANT Jenna: Seeing And Believing: The Cultural Politics of Medical Imaging in Cambodia. 


Wednesday September 9  

LATINIS Kyle : Historical Ecology in Wallacea and Sunda: A Comparison of Maluku (east Indonesia) and Cambodia


July 16, 2009

MARSTON  John1979 Ordinations in Cambodia


June 17, 2009

LABBE Lucie : Performing Tradition and Folklore: Dance as a Cultural Practice to Build Cambodian Identity (Preliminary Findings)


April 29, 2009

THACH Deth : How to think about singularity and diversity of languages


April 27, 2009

FOREST AlainMaking a religious history of Cambodia : why and how ?


March 25, 2009

STOCK Emiko : "Beyond Ethnicity and Nation about the Elasticity of the social Borders among Chams


March 4, 2009

PILGRIM John : "Migration and rural livelihoods diversification in Battambang"


January 28, 2009

RICHER Denis : "Omission" in Khmer culture






November 28, 2008

BAIRD Ian : The Brao from southern Laos and northeastern Cambodia: Challenging the terminology of 'pre-colonial', 'colonial' and 'post-colonial' in the context of ethnic minorities in mainland Southeast Asia


November 19, 2008

GUERIN Mathieu : "Peasants of the Forest during the Colonial Era"


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